Photo's of the Western Front - Ypres Area C1938 Photo's of the Western Front - Ypres Area C1938 Railway Cutting, Hill 60, Zillebeke. 184818368 Railway Cutting, Hill 60. 184818367 Hill 60 Looking over Larchwood towards Ypres. 184818369 Hill 60. 184821799 Hill 60. 184821798 Hill 60. 184821800 Hill 60. 184821802 Hill 60. 184821801 Hill 60 Museum. 184821803 The Dump, Ypres 184818370 Lille Gate, Ypres. 184818371 Commines Canal, Ypres. 184818372 Commines Canal Cutting. 184821804 Ypres - Commines Line, Battle Wood. 184818373 Menin Road, Ypres. 184818374 Shelters near Hyde Park Corner, Ploegsteert. 184818375 Argyle Farm, Wieltje. See next photo for notes. 184818376 Notes for the photo of Argyle Farm. 184884623 Bedford House. 184818377 British Tank. In the Square at Poelcapelle. 184818378 British Tank. In the Square at Poelcapelle. 184818379 Cheddar Villa near St. Julien. 184818380 Four Huns Dugout, Wytshaete. 184818382 Frezenberg, Zonnebeke. 184818383 Gas Attack Memorial, Steenstraat. This memorial to the victims of the first gas attack, described the Germans as barbarians and because of this was destroyed by the German invaders of WW2. 184818384 Kings Royal Rifle Corps Memorial. At Hooge Chateau. 184818386 Inside a German Pill Box near St. Julien. 184818385 Lankhof Farm, South of Ypres. 184818387 London Scottish Memorial. 184818388 Looking from Cassel towards Ypres. 184818389 Messines Ridge. 184818390 Mouse Trap Farm. See next photo for notes. 184818391 Notes for the photo of Mouse Trap Farm. 184884624 Near Messines. 184818392 Passchendaele Church. 184818393 Pilckem Ridge. The fields that saw disaster and then victory. Pilckem Village can be seen on the horizon. From Langmarck, half a mile away, rolled the first clouds of gas, followed by the retreat to the canal in 1915. In 1917 these fields were again fought over, now become a bog powerfully fortified by enemy 'pill boxes', but captured inch by inch. 184818394 Road to the R. E. graves. 184818395 Shrapnel Corner. 184818396 St. Martins, Ypres. 184818398 Spanbroekmolen. 184818397 Suicide Bridge on the Ypres Canal. 184818399 The Cutting Canal, Ypres. 184818400 The Steenbeek. See next photo for notes. 184818401 Notes for the photo of the Steenbeek. 184884625 Van Heule Farm. See next photo for notes. 184818402 Notes for the photo of Van Heule Farm. 184884626 Hooge Chateau, Menin Road. 184818535 Hellfire Corner, Menin Road, Ypres. 184818659 Hellfire Corner, Menin Road, Ypres Demarcation Stone, to mark the limit of the Germans advance. 184818660 Hooge Crater Cemetery. 184818661 Hooge Ridge with Crater Cemetery. 184818662 The Menin Gate, Ypres. 184818663 British Tank in Station Square, Ypres. 184818664 Ramparts, Ypres. 184818665 Ramparts, Ypres. 184818666 Cloth Hall, Ypres. 184818667 Cloth Hall, Ypres. 184818668 Cloth Hall, Ypres. 184819402 Cloth Hall, Ypres. 184819403 Cloth Hall, Ypres. 184819404 Cloth Hall, Ypres. 184819405 Ypres. 184819406 St. Martins, Ypres. 184819407 Yser Canal Locks 10 & 11. 184819408 Lille Gate (Ramparts) Cemetery, Ypres. 184819409 Lille Road from the Lille Gate, Ypres. 184819410 Menin Road, Ypres. 184821792 Bellewarde Castle, Zillebeke. 184821795 Clapham Junction. 184818381 18 Division Memorial. Clapham Junction, Menin Road. 184821793 Gloucestershire Regiment Memorial. Clapham Junction, Menin Road. 184821794 Sanctuary Wood. 184821796 Sanctuary Wood. 184821797 Wytchaete. 184821805