Photo's of the Western Front - Nieuport & Vimy Ridge C1938 Photo's of the Western Front - Nieuport & Vimy Ridge C1938 Nieuport British Front Line preserved in cement bags. 182196500 Nieuport 182196501 Nieuport In 1938 you could still read some of the graffiti written in pencil in this dug out.. 182196502 Nieuport Mr. Watson photographed in the Nieuport defenses. 182196503 Nieuport British Front Line of 1917. 182196504 Nieuport Rubber House (Maison de Caoutchouc) 182196505 Nieuport Suicide Bridge. 182196506 Vimy Ridge The 'Spirit of Canada' Looks out across the Douai Plain towards Messines. 182196510 Vimy Ridge The Canadian Memorial built on Hill 145. 182196511 Vimy Ridge Canadian Front Line 182196509 Vimy Ridge German Front Line 9 April 1917 182196512 Vimy Ridge I'm presuming this is an entrance to the tunnels at Vimy Ridge. 182196515 Vimy Ridge Notre Dame Lorette in the distance. 182196516 Vimy Ridge Ablain St. Nazaire. 182196507 Vimy Ridge The station at Givenchy just as the war left it, it never reopened. 182196513 Vimy Ridge La Targette 182196514 Vimy Ridge 'Monument du Flambeau' This is a monument to La Targetta, a small village that was completely destroyed by French mining operations on 9 May, 1916. 182196517 Vimy Ridge Canadian Artillery Memorial, this was unveiled while the war was still in progress, on 9 April, 1918, by General Byng. 182196518 Vimy Ridge Cabaret Rouge 182196508