Photo's of the Western Front - Somme Area C1938 Photo's of the Western Front - Somme Area C1938 Beaumont Hamel Park 180690766 Bellacourt Church 180690767 War Cemetery at Vermonds Villers 180690781 Big Bertha 180690847 Big Bertha 180690769 Big Bertha Magazine and shell. 180690768 Fromelles This is now part of the Australian Memorial. 180690770 Gommecourt Wood 180690771 La Boiselle 180690772 Laucourt 180690773 Ovillers From the Albert - Bapaume Road 180690774 Pozieres Windmill Site Australian Memorial Tablet. 180690775 Puisieux This was used as an observation post by the Germans on 15.09.1917. 180690776 Ruined Chateau at Villers Bretonneux 180690777 Serre Village Just a small school and half a dozen houses have sprung up. 180690778 Tank Memorial On the Albert - Bapaume Road. 180690779 Thiepval 180690780 High Wood Battlefield debris 180729275