Europeana 1914-18 Dublin 21.03.13 Europeana 1914-18 Dublin 21.03.13 The Branch Stand 176554243 Gathering The Information 176554239 Death Plaque Scroll for Joseph Bayle. 9th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Died 21 March, 1916. 176554241 Letter from the C.C.S. Chaplain Letter to Joseph's Mother from the Chaplain that was with him at the casualty Clearing Station. 176554251 Letter from the War Office Letter to Joseph's Mother regarding his estate. 176554252 Joseph Bayle's Princess Mary Tin & Dog Tags 176554250 Ammunition Bandoleer 176554240 Various Items re Joseph Bayle. 176554242 Recruiting Propaganda? 176554245 A Tribute to Joseph Bayle. 176554249 Postcard sent home by Joseph Bayle. 176554255 Postcard sent home by Joseph Bayle. 176554254 Postcard sent home by Joseph Bayle. 176554256 Postcard sent home by Joseph Bayle. 176554257 Newspaper report of Joseph's Death. 176554253 War Grave Photograph & Wreath Assn. Armistice 1929. 176554261 Letter from the Imperial War Graves Commission. Request for information for the Cemetery Register. 176554264 Letter from the Imperial War Graves Commi Request for information for the Cemetery Register. 176554263 A Soldiers Active Service Testament 1914. 176554259 A Soldiers Active Service Testament 1914. It looks from the inscription as if this was given to one of Joseph's sisters by someone called Davey. 176554260 Formal Death Notification Lance Sergt. James Byrne 9th Battalion, Royal Dublin Fusiliers. KIA 2 September, 1917. 176554246 Lance Sergt. Byrne's Grave. 176554248 Maurice D. E. Lacy Staunton RFC 176554269 Propeller Clock This was made from the propeller of one of Staunton's aircraft. 176554266 RFC Uniform Button. 176554268 Newspaper Report of Staunton's Death. September 1978. 176555067 Red Cross POW Postcard Sent by 2nd Lt. F. W. Jacob, 25th MGC 176554270 Red Cross POW Postcard (Reverse) 176554271 Lt. J. B. MacLachlan. Canadian Forces. 1st Heavy Battery, Garrison Artillery. 176554276 Lt. J. B. MacLachlan. Mentioned in Dispatches. 176554275 Lt. J. B. MacLachlan. Medals, including the Military Cross. 176554274 James Burnett. Mercantile Marine. 176554281 Letter from the Board of Trade, Mercantile Marine War Medals Dept. 176554279 James Burnett's Medals. 176554277 Mercantile Marine Medal (Reverse) 176554278 Uniform Patches Taken from James' uniform. 176554282 James Burnett's Wife. It is believed that this was taken after his death. 176554280 Death Plaque Private Thomas Goldrick, 2nd Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers. 176554283 Letter from the King. Sent with Private Goldrick's death Plaque. 176554284 Discharge Certificate. Corporal John Goldrick. Royal Irish Fusiliers & Labour Corps. 176554285 German Postcard? 176554272 German Postcard? (Reverse) The Captain Dodd mentioned appears to be Lt. John O'Connell Dodd, 2nd Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers who died on 7 November, 1918, and is buried in Monceau St. Waast Communal Cemetery, France. 176554273