Europeana Event - Limerick 05.11.12 Europeana Event - Limerick 05.11.12 170067828 The entrance display. 170067824 A photo of an Officer from the Dublin event in March 2012. 170067825 A photo of a soldier from the Dublin event in March 2012. 170067826 A photo of a nurse from the Dublin event in March 2012. 170067827 The Associations table. 170067829 The Associations table. 170067830 The Associations table. 170068037 The scroll that would have accompanied the Death Plaque for Patrick Drury, 9238 The Kings Liverpool Regiment. 170067831 The letter that accompanied Patrick Drury's Victory Medal. 170067832 The letter that accompanied Patrick Drury's 1914-15 Star. 170067833 A letter from the King to Lance Corporal James Gleazer, 10536 2 Connaught Rangers on his release from being a POW. James landed on the Western Front on 14.08.14 and was taken prisoner on 26.08.14 and remained on captivity for the remainder of the war. 170067834 James Gleazer's medals. 170068035 The digitalisation etc going on. 170068036 Photo of the memorial to the Irishmen that died as POW's at the Limburg am Lahn camp. The legend reads: Memorial erected at Limburg-Lahn, Germany to the Irish Prisoners of War who died of starvation and exposure rather than break their solemn oath which they took on enlistment. 170068039 Minister Deenihan talking about the importance of the work being undertaken at such events to record the involvement of the Irish men and women in the Great War. 170068040 170068041 Minister Deenihan talking to one of the visitors. 170990594 Letf to Right. Francis O'Connor (Cork Branch), Minister Deenihan, Ross Glennon (Cork Branch), Ian Chambers, Dr. Hugh Maguire (Museum Director). 170990595 The last eleven items were brought in by Kay Ryan and come from the family of John & Patrick O'Rourke, of Johnstown, Co.Kilkenny. Most of the cards seem to have been written by Paddy to his sister, and Kay does not know who any of the photos are of. 170068042 170068043 170068044 170068045 170068046 170068047 170068048 170068049 170068050 Field post card from Paddy to presumably his Mother. 170068051 170068052