Europeana Event: Dublin 21.03.12 Europeana Event: Dublin 21.03.12 Event Poster 152108866 9.45am Before the hordes descended! 152109043 The recording process begins. 152109152 The first items brought in. 152109151 Queues starting to build. 152109150 Major J.J. Tynan's medals. 152108868 Citation for Major J.J. Tynan's D.S.O. 152108867 Major J.J. Tynan. 152109145 Memorial Card? 152108869 Mercantile Marine Medal. 152108870 Soldiers Prayer Book. 152108873 The medals of Michael Doyle, RAMC. 152108875 The branches stall. 152108874 German Medals & Badge. 152109044 Military Medal awarded to Peter Mooney. 152108871 Silver War Badge awarded to Peter Mooney. Due to a shoulder wound received on 1 November, 1917. 152109146 Pickelhaube. 152108872 Pickelhaube. 152109148 Pickelhaube. 152109147 Postcard from the Front. 152109149 Thomas Joughin. Royal Enniskilling Dragoons, attached to MGC, KIA 20 September 1917 at Langemarche. 152109153 Zeppelin Raid. Sketch of a Zeppelin Raid, made as it happened by Lily Ronayne, a teacher at Southsea. 152109154 Zeppelin Raid. Notes by Lily Ronayne about the Zeppelin Raid on Southsea on 25/09/16 and fear of another raid anticipated for 30/09/16. 152109155