Dublin Branch
Western Front Association

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Fifth Annual General Meeting

Saturday, 21 February, 2018, in the Lecture Theatre at Collins Barracks. 

The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Apologies. None.

Chairman's Report.

Meeting attendance for the ten meetings last year was 243, a decrease of 92 on the previous year’s figure. It was however, in keeping with the four years prior to last year when we had an average attendance of 239 per year.

Social Media.

Facebook continues to be an excellent tool for publicising the branch, the number of 'likes' (followers) has increased by 99 from last year and now stands at 605. The branch regularly posts items and photos, not only about the branches activities but also of items/photos of Gt. War interest from around the world.  

Likewise, the branch website continues to grow albeit slowly, the number of members is up this year by 10 to 113.  

Back to Our Past. 

This was our fifth visit to the show at the RDS and was once again funded by the parent body in the UK. The stand was again very popular with those seeking to research their ancestors in WW1, a large number of queries were answered in the three days of the show, while many more were taken away from the event and answered later.

The best response we received in relation to the research we carried out was from a lady who said 'Thank you very much for contacting me and providing with such a wealth of information about my uncle. You have provided more than I had hoped to find. I am truly delighted as I had no idea such exact records were available after 99 years. I had not been aware of the Western Front Association until I came to the RDS'


This was the first time the branch had organised a conference, 78 of the 90 tickets were sold, the talks were well received, and all of the feedback received was positive. The income from tickets, the raffle and a sponsorship which the branch was able to obtain also meant that the branch was able to show a profit €368.21 for the day.


The years accounts were then presented to the meeting with a brief summery by the Chairman. There were no questions on the accounts and it was proposed by Chris Owen and seconded by Michael Pegum that the accounts should be accepted, this was passed unopposed.

Election of Officers.

Five of last year’s committee had offered themselves for re-election, and there had been no new nominations for the committee. It was therefore proposed that the five should be re-elected en bloc by Michael Carragher, this was seconded by Chris Owen and passed unopposed. Those elected were: Ian Chambers, Ken Simpson, Phil Manson, Thomas Murphy and Peter Carolan.

Amendments to the Constitution. 


Any Other Business.


Meeting Closed.   

Ian Chambers
Branch Chairman