Dublin Branch
Western Front Association

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                                                              Annual General Meeting Report 

Saturday 14 May 2022 at Pearse Street Library, Dublin.

The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Apologies. Thomas murphy. Theresa Burke. Michael Thomas.

Chairman's Report.


Its been a very long two years since our last AGM back in February 2020, with last months meeting being the first time we had been able to come together for a meeting since that time.

Needless to say, very little has happened in those two years, both years saw the Annual Ceremony of Remembrance normally held in July at Islandbridge cancelled as were most of the ceremonies for 11 November, although we were able to arrange a very small wreath laying at the WM in Bray and I attended a small ceremony in Oldtown in November of last year.

Once we had gotten over the shock of everything coming to a dead halt and with the help of the main WFA organisation in the UK, we were eventually, in September 2020 able to start online Zoom meetings, hosting a total of 17 meetings in all, which were attended by 453 people (26.6). If there was one small silver lining to having to have Zoom meetings rather than in person meetings, it was that we were able to have speakers that we would never have been able to get over here in person and were treated to talks on a very wide range of subjects.

Although he is not here today, I must give special thanks to Thomas Murphy for his help with the Zoom meetings, without his help running the tech side of the meetings they simply wouldn’t have taken place.

The meetings were all recorded, so if anyone wants the link to these please get in touch with me.

Going forward, we have this room booked up to and including November and speakers for 18 June and 16 July are in place, details will be on the main WFA website, events page, and on our branch website, in the next couple of days. Normally, we don’t have a meeting in August as attendance is affected by holidays, but this year we plan to have a Zoom meeting, details of the speaker for that and the meetings back here for September, October & November will also be on the two websites once confirmed.

At the moment we can’t book the room for December as we have to wait and see if it is need for any local groups Christmas events etc, again as soon as we know what is happening details will be on the websites.


Due to Covid, the period covered by the accounts was 1 February 2020 to 31 January 2022, these were presented to the meeting with a brief summery by the Chairman. There were no questions on the accounts and it was proposed by Chris Owen and seconded by Brian O'Byrne that the accounts should be accepted, this was passed unopposed.

Election of Officers.

All of the previous committee had offered themselves for re-election, and there had been no new nominations for the committee. It was therefore proposed by Brian O'Byrne that the five should be re-elected en bloc, this was seconded by Chris Owen and passed unopposed. Those elected were: Ian Chambers, Ken Simpson, Phil Manson, Thomas Murphy and Peter Carolan.

Amendments to the Constitution. 


Any Other Business.


Meeting Closed.   

Ian Chambers
Branch Chairman